New Monthly Healing 

Support Program Through 2017!

It is a delight to have you visit!

Within our new offering, there is a theme or focus for each weekly remote healing

 session, for which we will send an email a few days beforehand and supportive materials.

 Overall, we will be establishing a field supporting the dissolution of density and illusion

 for each participant.  

A special focus will be on helping everyone have greater clarity in order to be able to 

maintain focused attention and awareness upon the real. This will help you to keep your       

gaze fixed upon the underlying perfection that guides the flow of life. When you see

perfection in each moment, the veils of illusion lift, and wholeness is revealed.

As participant, you will be included in a healing session each week, and in daily

 maintenance – held in a field of clearing and activation powers that will bring more

 graceful unfolding into your life.

If you are new to our work, please visit the About page in the navigation bar above,  

for more details!

“In the course of the last three programs I have taken back to back with Anita, my life has changed completely. A lifelong struggle with hormonal imbalance was completely cured, all peri-menopausal symptoms were completely healed and I am no longer insane once a month for the first time since puberty—my mood is stable and my baseline is dramatically more peaceful then in the past. For me the work itself feels subtle but is incredibly deep…. Clemintine G. USA

Praise from our Members

This is beautiful! Just amazing. It has been such a powerful and supported month of healing. I have had so much flush up and I hope that more illusion will continue to clear. These BVP sessions have been invaluable over the last few weeks and the support material has perfectly complemented each session. Miraculous support!! Em L, USA

“Dear Anita & Jodie – the sessions that you bring to us each week are truly an exquisite gift. I thoroughly enjoy the combined commitment and devotion to the preparations we are given as well as the follow up session notes on what has transpired. Through these sessions, a new awareness hovers, of all life experiences, in my work, in my relationships, in my bigger picture musings. Since joining you, I am at once deeply contented, sweetly uplifted, and flowing gracefully with life. With deepest appreciation and love for what you bring to humanity. Love Caroline M

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