Understanding the Offering…

We are offering weekly remote healing sessions with daily support that holds participants in a field of blessings. This offering is really an invitation to walk with us, as we've been walking a journey of awakening in close contact since 2009. Using the most incisive, comprehensive and pristine modalities we have encountered in all combined years of healing experience, this is work that we pursue passionately by ourselves, for ourselves, each and every day, and are now inspired to open to hold a group of those who feel called, within the field of support that we engage in and consciously cultivate through our journey of revelations; a field of perpetually renewed and enhanced perceptions and refining attitudes.

We have explored so many healing modalities over the years, and retained very few, and through the process we have become very discerning and impeccable in our offerings and claims. Because of our dedication and alignment with highest potentials, we are very supported by the angelic realms during the sessions.

As spiritual coaches and healers, in each moment, we bring forward and share the maximum and newest that we can access, holding nothing back. That said, healing potentials are shared as blessings - healing is never enforced; all healing are changes that occur within the Self. The daily support has the added benefit of the embrace of illuminations, revelations of perfection, and dissolution of what no longer serves, that we have gleaned and now embody, along each step of each our own journeys.

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