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the incomparable mystic almine

Translations of Ancient Records and Sacred Tools of Self-Empowerment

The Seer AlmineHaving taught publicly for over 25 years, Almine is an inspirational force for these challenging times, a wayshower of the highest path of inner mastery for truth-seekers of all kinds.

She brings us advanced sacred teachings that provide cutting-edge maps to accelerated evolution and awakening from the dream of separation that we have been in for eons. The power of the information and tools that she brings to us is unparalleled, as she is without doubt, the greatest mystic of our time.

Her teachings challenge us to shed the many attachments, assumptions, and conditioning that make up the programs that have kept us bound in repetitive cycles of struggle and pain through judgment. As we shed equally, what we have considered holy as well as profane, we move to a life of no opposites, where the innocence and perfection of the Infinite’s Will is revealed.

Through devotion and impeccability in her own life, Almine has received tools of unsurpassed power—gifts from the Infinite for the awakening of humanity and healing of the earth.

Over the years, Almine has brought us an angelic healing modality of the Heart, Belvaspata, four Yogas of Illumination to heal the four bodies of man, numerous revelations and insights from Angelic realms to heal and evolve our DNA, transmissions for a new astrology of self-empowerment, light and sound elixirs to end mind control, power books to heal our bodies from subversive interference, Fragrance Alchemy to clear the meridian system from the pollution of negative emotions, memory and trauma, and activate the system to its higher expression, and so much more. So vast and prolific is her body of work that it covers all aspects of life. She is a continual inspiration and beacon of hope for all who walk this journey with her.

About Belvaspata

In righting a wrong, we judge and divide. In acknowledging wholeness, we uplift and inspire the underlying perfection to reveal itself. This miraculous healing modality, a divine gift to humanity, neither tries to heal nor fights disease. To do so would affirm the existence of such illusions. 

Belvaspata replaces distorted matrices with clarity by emphasizing the expression of the pure luminosity and harmony that lies within each being. The stimulation of the true frequencies - the Song of the Self - in an individual creates self-healing by shattering the matrix within the body that holds disease programs in place. 

Belvaspata has achieved rapidly growing acclaim worldwide as the modality of choice as its well-deserved reputation of success has spread among seasoned healers and newcomers alike. 

Endorsements & Praise for Almine's teachings and vast body of work

“What a priceless experience to be able to catch a glimpse into one of the most remarkable lives of our times”.
~ H.E. Ambassador Armen Sarkissian, Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Astrophysicist, Cambridge University, U.K.

“This beautiful woman approaches life with respect, honor, and compassion. Her high energy and obvious knowledge of ancient healing ways are the traits of a true healer.”
~ Grandmother Nagi Whiteowl, Native American Elder, Cherokee and Lakota Nations

“Almine is truly the most profound mystic of our time. She is the personification of compassion, clarity, and light.”
~ The Right Honourable, The Lord Palmer, Member of the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster, London, United Kingdom

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