• 18 Feb 2019 7:30 PM | Jodie (Administrator)

    Dear Ones,

    We are writing today with excitement and gratitude for our upcoming 2 Year Anniversary of weekly sessions, with our Members of Whole Being Flourishing! Meeting each week to explore practical application of insights, for ever-refining capacities of expression, is our shared passion, and we thank our wonderful Members for walking together with us in our shared commitment to deepening in inner mastery!

    Inspired by the peerless metaphysical work of the Seer Almine, through our Sunday, February 17th session, we deepened in our ongoing exploration of the 5 Elements, as they fill in the notes of our unique Song of the Self. We are excited to offer a regular weekly synopsis here on our page, of each week's distinct exploration, over the coming months. 

    For those who are newly meeting us, what our monthly Members receive each week, are a 90 minute remote healing session on Sundays, facilitated by two experienced practitioners; a session support page featuring an elaborated discussion of the topic of our focus for the week; a link to a customized Runes integration; suggested exercises and Fragrance Alchemy protocols; and video / audio meditations to revisit through the week, all for the price of a single stand-alone session!

    We walk this path as catalysts for each their own deepening and realizations, with deepest respect for the fact that all healing happens within the Self... through reverent recognition of the perfection underlying all of life, may it be ignited! We warmly invite you to explore our site, and to be in touch as inspired; we will be delighted to hear from you

    Blessings of resonant hearing and creative flow, into your Self-sovereign space!

    Jodie & Anita

  • 4 Jul 2018 4:31 PM | Jodie (Administrator)

    Blessings All! Here is an excerpt from our WBF vault of contemplations and self-examination exercises:

    Shedding the Programmed Existence

    How can you cooperate with this most pivotal of time? Firstly, uncover all the ways you try to plan and control your life…you are not the planner…you are to become the dreamer and visionary, and let the universal laws enact around and through you in support of your heart’s dreams. Can you even dream life anew? When you try, do you do it within the confines of what the rational mind thinks is possible?

    Make a list of all beliefs you hold, all nostalgic attachments to the past, all ‘what ifs’, ‘should have’, regrets, personal identities and masks you wear, personality traits as coping and defense mechanisms, world views, opinions about world events, attachment to your rational thinking, social conditioning, proscribed values, beliefs about aging, beliefs about personal limitations, etc. After you have at least a full page of items, read them over and imagine that they are all completely false or illusory..the stuff that gets you stuck in other people’s realities rather than your own. Burn the list, and write out an affirmation of liberation.

  • 21 Jun 2018 12:59 PM | Jodie (Administrator)

    An excerpt from Week 1 of our 10-Week Chakras Activation Program:

    When the chakras are activated, then mere focus on it, when done from appreciative awareness, begins to activate its powers in our environment.

    This happens immediately, though it may not be noticeable in the early stages of your exploration. We exist on 8 fields of reality, and the densest is the 1st field of the physical. So while things shift in the instant when there is both appreciation and clear intent, it may be impacting the subtler levels in the beginning. 

    With perseverance and deepening in the chakras' higher powers, however, in time you will notice instant change in your state of being and environment as you engage them in this way.

    Throughout the program, we share messages to engage the chakra we are focused on through focus and slight intent.  As you increase competency in this, you will find that your focus creates ripples around you, such that people and situations are impacted. What is happening is your body is becoming an entrainment tool...like a tuning fork, you can emphasize the qualities as tones, by focusing within on these miraculous faculties of the activated body!  

    Blessings on Getting to Know Your Miraculous Body! 

     Anita & Jodie

  • 15 Jun 2018 9:42 AM | Jodie (Administrator)

    Dear Ones, 

    With great excitement for the opportunity to deepen in our study and activation of these exquisite lenses of perception, we are posting this reminder of upcoming programs!

    First Offering:

    The Chakra Activation program begins this weekend, with the first of 10 remote activation sessions this Sunday, June 17th. This program has deepened me into the feminine reality, and I am very much looking forward to redoing / deepening further with others!  You are warmly invited to join in the profound experience that Jodie and I have created together with the beloved angelic realms.

    Details on Whole Being Flourishing on this link: 10-week Chakra Activation Program

    Second Offering:

    In the Whole Being Flourishing monthly membership, where we do weekly remote healing sessions, we’ve started doing ‘series’ around a theme, which we then offer in a standalone program. This is how the Chakra Activation program was developed.

    Our next series is on the Activation of the 12 Ordinary Meridians ~ Perspectives of Magical Manifestation. We will be diving into deep activation of the meridians over 14-16 weeks (so the next 3-4 months).  For those who’ve done the Radiant Powers Program, this is different in that the focus is the remote healing with full support from the angel gods of the new cosmos, angels of limitlessness, and more.  We will focus on perspectives and attitudes of the twelve meridians, to prepare the body as cauldron of high alchemy.

    Meridian program starts this weekend, Sunday, June 17th. Join the monthly membership platform for the next 4 months to be participate in this profound awakening of the ordinary meridians.

    Sign up link: Join here page ~ Explore Whole Being Flourishing: About & FAQ

    These programs are supporting the building of our ‘frequency’ vehicle to move gracefully in the new reality!

    “Great light emitted by an individual creates descension by forming a black hole. It contracts all space around it.”

    “Great light balanced by strong frequency expands and irradiates all life by including it. “

    Runes of the Unfathomable, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, www.spiritualjourneys.com 

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