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  • The Earth Element ~ Cultivated Unique Perspective within the Context of Diversity

The Earth Element ~ Cultivated Unique Perspective within the Context of Diversity

25 Feb 2019 3:21 PM | Jodie (Administrator)

Blessings All!

We’ve seen in past weeks in Whole Being Flourishing, and in messages on Adventures in Boundlessness for those in that platform, that the the Fall happened through the lost songs of the five elements.  But what really are these 5 element powers?

It has only become clear through their emergence, what they bring to life, and it is phenomenal.

This week we are delighting in exploring:

  • The 5 Elements as Bridge… that Encircles the Whole
  • The 5 Elements as the Portals of Self-Liberation, and what we establish in each simulataneously
  • The Precious Essence And Power Of The Earth Element; Resonant Song as its Currency

  • Gift of Awareness of the Earth Element: Clear Intuition Through Resonant Discernment

  • Unique Perspective Cultivated ~  Establishing the Home for Our Greater Expression

  • Uniqueness Enhanced within the Diversity ~ The Celebration of Continual Self-Emergence

  • Self-Regeneration in the Earth Element ~ Becoming Generative

In Earth element we are invited to self-celebrate and celebrate others, with profound gratitude for the gift of individuation within Oneness.

For those of you who are newly finding us, greetings of reverent warmth! 

What our monthly Members receive each week, are a 90 minute remote healing session on Sundays, facilitated by two experienced practitioners; a session support page within the member's area, featuring an elaborated discussion of the topic of our focus for the week; a link to a customized Runes integration; suggested exercises for self-exploration in support of our theme for the week; Fragrance Alchemy protocols; and video / audio meditations to revisit through the week, all for the price of a single stand-alone session and in devoted support of Awakening Inner Mastery!

We walk this path as catalysts for each their own deepening and realizations, with deepest respect for the fact that all healing happens within the Self... through reverent recognition of the perfection underlying all of life, may it be ignited! We warmly invite you to explore our site, and to be in touch as inspired; we will be delighted to hear from you

Blessings of cultivating uniqueness and celebrating diversity!

 Anita & Jodie

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