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** Below are options to book a private session with both Anita and Jodie. If you are unsure about when it is appropriate to book a private session vs. requesting that an issue be held in our group intentions, please contact us!

Working with Anita, DCEd, MSc, DAc, RET

I am a spiritual counselor, mystic, healer, and creator of the Inner Mastery Tools

The best way to describe my work is that I am a consciousness catalyst, devoted to cutting edge, liberating body evolution to manifest a powerful life through awakened presence. 

I am passionate about assisting clients in recognizing latent powers in the body that ignite them into activity, and open up the possibility to manifest life through instantaneous alchemical change. The awakened body supports higher consciousness and a higher life of ever greater beauty and elegance. 

My work brings liberation and freedom to clients, leading them to emancipate from the dream of the painful illusion and into a life of boundlessness….beyond limiting conditions and belief structures.

Now more than ever, there is tremendous spiritual support for accelerated healing and profound awakening. My sessions tap into this and are very potent–covering a lot of ground in little time.

I've been exploring the mysteries of the body, and how to transcend the world of duality since 2002. The methods and activations that I bring into sessions work on all levels to clear distortion and reveal the inherent perfection–which is what true healing is. Sessions are most transformative, and we delve ever deeper with each one.



One-on-one healing sessions facilitate deep emotional clearing using the Enhanced Healing Symbol, Parts Therapy, 3-centers alignment, angelic activation, alchemical tools, fragrance alchemy, and other methods, including Rapid Eye Therapy. Sessions can be done in-person (Hampton, NB), by phone (anywhere in the world), on Skype, or by distance (remote healing).

Following the session, you will receive audio meditation(s) or other processes to work with to deepen the clearing and integration.

For phone clients, I recommend a three session commitment, and encourage doing daily integration between sessions. With the 3-session package, you get access to the Enhanced Healing Symbol Tool at no extra charge!


Book a Phone or Skype Session

Single sessions are 1 1/2 hours, and cost $175. Current members of Whole Being Flourishing receive a %15 discount; please email for details.

To purchase visit my Sessions page on Inner Mastery Tools:


Working with Jodie

The Fully Presenced Moment as the Seat of the Soul...


Through private sessions, our focus is on cultivating a pristine relationship with personal power throughout all areas of life (the fields of existence) ... and recognizing that each our own lives do not happen to us, they happen for us. We explore and practice coming into graceful embrace of the multi-dimensional nature of existence and all levels of info available to us, such that we are inspired by the richness of the moment. Private session work is a mystical and metaphysical deep dive into the fullness of communication within, throughout and between the 8 fields of existence, in order to establish practical, physical level, organic articulation of Wholeness...

Reverent Intimacy is a term that I began using, having not heard it elsewhere, to attempt to convey the fullness of communing through our potential, in the glory of Divine Love beyond pain or separation, and embracing sacred sexual expression. My experience of intimacy within life at large as evolutionary, is as an inclusive holistic expression of the majesty and deep mystery of Whole Being interaction and embrace - an acknowledgment of the multi-dimensional, unknowable fluidly renewing mystery of one another, as we meet in cherished embrace of the Divine that animates and scintillates throughout all of life. The content herein is in essence my love song to the Infinite, in celebration of the beauty and diversity of Its expressions.

A snapshot of life: I live in (and Love!) coastal Atlantic Canada; am deeply privileged with an exceptionally beautiful young son; have worked in local organic agriculture for over a decade, while studying, practicing and facilitating various specialized healing modalities (details below). I am an NCSF certified personal trainer, with specialized training in Meridians Informed Yoga Therapy. I am currently challenging myself with new weight lifting goals in addition to my much loved yoga practice. I ADORE flowers; you'll see a lot them here!


All of this said, I appreciate fully and in depth of humility acknowledge that each Being inhabits their own distinct reality; so I share here two of the initial blog posts from my site, as my recently established avenue through which to share the inspired articulation of self-support as Adoration in Manifestation, in the form of whole-being / multi-d affirmations. These posts speak to inviting appreciative cognizance of conscious conversation with one's expressed environment. I offer these as a gift of Divine Love throughout All of Life - please use freely (if redistributing or sharing, all Copyrights reserved by Evolutionary-Intimacy.com), or adapt for your own use, in any way that most poignantly expresses a sense of self-support... Blessings of Luminous Self-Revelations! 


~ I am taking this time now, for personal sacred ritual, in whole-hearted appreciation and reverent recognition, to acknowledge and speak directly to the causative levels, flows, and Source of my Being. I simultaneously observe in devotion and invite the magic of mystical revelations. It is with wonder for unseen possibilities and gratitude for all opportunities that I reach now to express in greater refinement and deeper truth of my Being. Through knocking on this Door of Everything that I Am, with whimsy & playfulness, I invite endless mysteries of my deeper Self to reveal. I open in full receptivity to signs in my environment today, to light my next steps of inevitable action. May this pristine magic of engaging in conscious conversation, in consolidated purpose, bless all of life. While accepting with grace all that presents to me, as a potent alchemical commander I am emphasizing chosen qualities, attitudes, and being states through these active affirmations, across all levels of my meticulously cultivated reality. As the One Being in existence, I am speaking to myself in an embrace of all-permeating self-love & acceptance – Divine Compassion for all of life.

Perpetual Opportunity

I acknowledge with gratitude that all things in my environment – people, places, things, information, sentient lives, times, and events – are at all times an expression of me – from me, for me; life happens for me. Life is in this moment, and is always – a gift – prompting new directions and explorations; perpetual opportunity to unlock deeper authentic expression through surrender to the unerring benevolence of perpetual renewal & unfoldment. In humility I take up the mantle of majestic living through impeccable empowered mastery. I am fully & unfailingly open to all opportunities for deeper self-exploration & sacred play; for ignition through recognition of the unknowable face of the Divine expressing wondrously within & throughout my precious & thoroughly blessed life.

I trust that you do have access to your own essential answers, and with each unique session, I offer each Beautiful Being fully responsive tools of self-empowerment, mentoring and coaching options, healing protocols and alchemical tools, as we explore your present circumstances and future goals, in terms of your reverent relationship with yourself, throughout all areas of life.


In Devoted Support of Self-Mastery

My perspective is that all that is shared by way of the healing sessions is in support of each in their own unique way, to cultivate their self-mastery. We nurture self-empowerment through reading the language of dream symbolism, and throughout any given circumstances throughout the canvas of our lives. This gives foundation and support to walking with awareness, rather than falling into coping mechanisms that try to bypass any unpleasantness. The core concept of healing is that perfection is underlying all appearances; and hence all healing modalities that I use are in support of self-mastery always - specific effects are a result of all alchemical elements in dynamic fusion, as we are never trying to control or to dictate effects directly. My deepest prayer is to assist in refining clarity, such that each evolves their self-mastery in holding and approaching their own co-creation, with each reverent step....

I extend these writings as an invitation to walk with me, in celebration and devotion to the beauty and deep mystery of life unfolding. As a spiritual coach and healer, I strive in each moment, to bring forward and share the maximum and newest that I can access, holding nothing back. That said, healing potentials are shared as blessings – healing is never enforced. In celebrating daily the embrace of illuminations, revelations of perfection, and dissolution of what no longer serves, we emphasize a supportive, self-nourishing field of perpetually renewed and enhanced perceptions and refining attitudes. Private sessions may include a combination of Skype / phone conversation, email support, and remote healing; pricing for a single session is $125 USD (current members of Whole Being Flourishing receive a %15 discount - please email for details). Every session includes complimentary inclusion for 6 months in a daily Belvaspata maintenance protocol!

If the above calls to you, I would be most delighted to connect! I do have limited availability for private sessions. If you have not previously been a participant of one of our many prior or ongoing programs (i.e. with Elyse Hope or Ciara), or have not yet worked privately with myself or Anita, I do require your commitment to a minimum of 3 sessions, which will allow us to fully explore and tailor all healing modalities to your evolving circumstances. Drawing from multiple years of highly specialized training and practice, this is intense work, as my approach is compassionate yet incisive; therefore to ensure that we are an appropriate fit, please reach out via my Contact page, so that we can establish next best steps moving forward. If I feel that your working with me is not in right timing, I will absolutely offer recommendations of either self-study, group engagement options or referrals to other exceptional practitioners.

 My depths of Respect and Love to You, Radiant One! 

Evolutionary-Intimacy.com | ReverentIntimacy.com |  Whole Being Inspiration for Living Your Unique Alchemical Fusion of Passion & Joy!

"... adoration is not a feeling; it is a condition of the cells that enables the will of the Divine to broadcast through them and to be interpreted into experience. Humility means we stand in silence before the wonder of our being and allow it to reveal everything to us."  Almine

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