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The League of the Anchor Ring

A fellowship dedicated to restoring wholesome living on Earth

The great Seer Almine is establishing the worldwide League of the Anchor Ring, for the purpose of helping us live wholesomeness through daily support. She is holding all in the League in her blessings for wholesome living, which is to live beyond the man-made paradigms that have kept us in a frenzied pace of living – in a reality of linear time, and its many illusions.

Living wholesomeness is to restore ‘true spirit’, which is the Voice of Inspiration and deep knowing within.
In a visionary experience, Almine saw the group spreading worldwide and awakening many. I (Anita Lucia) along with a Board of Directors, have volunteered to set up a chapter, in support of spreading outreach, and so invite all to join.
How to join?  You purchase an anchor ring from me and you will be in this chapter. To view more details and for purchase, please visit Anita's online store on Adventures in BoundlessnessAnchor Ring - Power Object for Wholesome Living

The rings are US$25 or C$30. The rings are each blessed by Almine, and hold as purpose to remind you of wholesome living and to serve as an ‘anchor’ to being home for yourself, so that increasingly, external reference points can be let go. You become increasingly self-referencing for approval and operate outside of needs - and lack-based desire. The picture shows the ring worn by Almine (on her left pinky and right index fingers). 
What you receive?

  • The ring is a power object to support entrainment to wholesomeness.
  • The 24 Principles of Wholesomeness, received by Almine (you will receive it as a PDF in a welcome email).
  • You are held in Almine’s blessings as we move along with these epic changes unfolding presently.
  • A Facebook group will be accessible, with posts of pictures and quotes from the Seer, to ignite wholesome living.
  • Gifts of gratitude will be given monthly, some will be a draw and others will be for all members.

Prizes are given monthly to all chapters with 50 members or more.  On the FB Group, you can make contributions, share experiences, or submit poetry verses, pictures, etc, as you feel inspired. The group is exclusively devoted to wholesome living.
I welcome all who feel called to join!  You can do so by making a ring purchase.
All ring purchases come with a gift of the Fragrance Alchemy oil, the Power of the One, in sample size.
If you would like to join but the cost is an issue for you at this time, please email us. And if you feel so inspired, you may wish to consider making a donation to support a ring purchase for someone else. Email LeagueOfTheAnchorRingCA@gmail.com to request free membership or to make a donation.
And of course, email if you have any other questions, 

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